Space for Adventure

Baby Room 0-2 Years (Explorers)

Our youngest explorers learn through using their senses. All of our toys are accessible for the shufflers, the crawlers and the ‘nearly-there’ walkers.

Our babies also build safe, secure relationships with key people and staff through interaction, singing, looking at books together and plenty of cuddles. Our baby unit has a dedicated kitchen and baby change room, so that all their needs are met quickly and in one familiar place.

From paint to water, cornflour to cornflakes we have it covered! Children are supported as they learn and develop by practicing independence through washing hands and feeding themselves, and suitable risk taking in the big outdoors through climbing, jumping and splashing.

Toddlers 2-3 Years (Adventurers)

Our toddlers enjoy singing their favourite nursery rhymes, listening to stories during group time, building friendships, developing independence and having the freedom to choose how their learning takes place.

Role play toys and puppets help your child to discover different aspects of daily life, whilst painting and craft masterpieces are proudly displayed around the walls (and worth more than an original Van Gogh in our opinion!).

Pre School 3-4 Years (Investigators)

Our three to five year olds enjoy sharing and testing out ideas, which often means taking their learning outside. They love experiencing all weathers from jumping in rainy puddles to collecting snow; flying homemade kites to learning about shadows in sunny weather.