We believe that children benefit the most when parents and staff work together in partnership to ensure quality care and learning development. The nursery welcomes parents as partners and this relationship needs to be built on trust and understanding.

At LIFE Daycare we aim to involve parents as much as possible as we believe, as the main carers, they are of extreme importance to the child’s well being and development. To do this we aim to develop an effective partnership with each family that uses the nursery as we want to promote positive relationships between parents/carers and practitioners.

Parent Zone

Our Nursery uses a management system called Connect Childcare! All our parents can download Connect’s ParentZone App and will receive their own personal login from us to keep track of their child’s progress!

We will always give our parents a run down of their child’s day when they come to collect them, however with this app they receive a weekly report from the teachers, a daily report of their meals and sleeps and special ‘moments’ that we capture on camera and can send straight through!

Our Mascots – Bertie Bear & Rachel Rabbit

Bertie Bear & Rachel Rabbit LOVE weekend adventures with their friends!

Each week Bertie and Rachel hop in a friends back pack and joins them for some weekend FUN!  We love seeing what they get up to on their mini holidays to your homes so make sure you’re sending in those pictures to and fill in their diaries!

Our Everyday Adventures

We record all of our adventures throughout the year in Our Adventure Book. We love to look back and see everything we got up to and all the fun together! Our kids (and parents!) love to take a few moments to sit and read through the scrapbook and look at all the pictures of themselves and their friends making memories!

Come check out our scrapbook in our reception area and if you fancy making your own at home – here’s the link where we purchased ours:

Our Adventure Book (Amazon)


Life Daycare welcomes an open door policy to all our parents. Our staff are always available to hear your thoughts, ideas and even your feedback!

Our parents have some of the best ideas for our nursery and we love hearing what they have to say!


We’re always on hand for our parents to discuss their child’s progress and everyday needs – and whether thats home or at nursery we would love to help give advice where and help you and your child out to the best of our ability!


Every year in January we send out our parent feedback questionnaire and ask our parents to complete this by the end of March – after that we collect all the comments and feedback and this helps us improve our service and make ensures our parents are extremely happy with the care we’re providing!



For those every day comments we have a suggestion box in our reception area and we encourage anyone to come and let us know their thoughts!