Play & Educate


Healthy bodies are happy bodies!

Our Health Co-ordinator works closely with all our room leaders in developing creative activities and fun ideas to help the children develop a sound awareness of how to keep themselves healthy. Sometimes this might be an individual activity added into the day, but we also run health awareness weeks, where the children and staff really explore a health topic together.


Our Health Co-ordinator also works alongside our on-site cook to continually develop a fun, fresh and balanced menu. This menu naturally caters to all individual diets as well as helping to develop healthy choices. Our cook’s fun personality shines through in the colourful meals she serves, helping your child develop adventurous eating habits – bunny shaped blueberry pancake, anyone?


There’s nothing cuter than a cheeky toddler grin, so let’s look after those gnashers! Working alongside Bradford District Care, we provide all our over twos with free toothbrushes to develop good brushing skills throughout the year while at nursery.



Indoor adventures at every turn!

We provide fun, exciting age/stage activities that follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The activities are tailored towards the children’s individual needs and interests and help them to learn and develop key concepts that are important for the next steps in their learning. Find out more about what each of our age ranges gets up to in their rooms here.












Outdoor explorers looking for fun!

Climbing, digging, jumping, splashing: some things are just better when there’s fresh air in your lungs. Our spacious outdoor play garden is bursting with every day adventures! Find out more about our play garden here.