Caroline Harris – Manager

Caroline is a qualified teacher, who brings with her over 15 years of early years teaching experience and 8 years in business. So we look forward to adding her skill set to our already strong team, and supporting her as she develops on our LIFE Daycare vision and values an environment in which your child will continue to thrive and develop. She is passionate about creating a nurturing environment where every child matters and everyone is valued. 

Naomi Kounnas – Business Manager

Kate Morris – Nursery Practitioner (Investigators Room)

Rebecca – Apprentice Nursery Practitioner (Investigators Room)

Rebecca first came to Daycare for her Year 10 work experience in 2016 and fell in love with the caring environment of LIFE Daycare. Two years later she returned for more work experience and decided it was the perfect place to train for her level 3 in child care. Rebecca loves the individual personalities of each child, she is passionate about ensuring that they are made to feel empowered and supported through every activity they choose. She believes that by empowering them from being tiny humans, that they will have a confident and strong start to their life & learning.

Helen Mwaba-Day – Chef

Sarah Unwin – Deputy Manager

Fi Sylvester – Nursery Practitioner (Investigators Room)

Fi is passionate about the children feeling CONFIDENT. It is important to her that the children have self confidence and that they feel good about themselves and what they have achieved. She strives to encourage the children to try new things and take risks to find out what they can do.

Henna Khan – Nursery Practitioner (Adventurers Room)

Henna is passionate about the children feeling VALUED. She believes that valuing all children is important regardless of culture, ability, religious belief and gender as any child that walks through our doors is an individual. Being valued is being respected and acknowledged.

Melissa  Myles – Nursery Practitioner (Explorers Room)

Mel is passionate about the children feeling LOVED. She believes that when children feel loved they will flourish. They will learn more, grow in confidence and most importantly be happy.

Kelsey Johnson – Apprentice Nursery Practitioner (Explorers Room)

Jodi Neen – Nursery Practitioner          (Adventurers Room)