7 Steps to Prepare Your Child for Daycare

7 Steps to Prepare Your Child for Daycare

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” • Alexander Graham Bell


Alexander Graham Bell was a bit of an expert on inventing. He also knew a few things about patience and preparation, having been a teacher and a proud parent of 4 children. 

We totally agree with him, preparation is pivotal when it comes to any kind of success – as a dedicated team, it defines our day-to-day approach to LIFE Daycare: 

  • We believe that your child has a creative and resourceful ability to learn, discover and be independent. 
  • Your child is happiest when they feel like they belong 
  • At LIFE Daycare we’ll do all we can to ensure your child is equipped to become all they’re created to be.

We completely understand, every child is different and as much as this is something new and different for your child, it’s also a new season for you. We want to work with you to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you and your little one. 

To help you and your child we’ve put together 7 steps to prepare your child for daycare.

Step 1 

Consider a few essentials when deciding on the right daycare for you and your child…

A few questions to ask:

  • What is the adult-to-child ratio? 
  • What are the staff like? 
  • What are the facilities like?
  • Is the daycare conveniently located? 

Step 2

Spend time getting ready for daycare with your child. 

  • Depending on your child’s age, take time to talk about this new adventure in order to help them feel calm and comfortable. 
  • Maybe you could take them shopping for a new backpack that’s ‘just for daycare’. 
  • Read stories together about children starting daycare.

Step 3

Visit daycare with your child. 

At LIFE Daycare we encourage you to come for a visit with your child to meet our staff team and have a tour of our facilities. Your child will have the opportunity to play and you can see how well they settle into their new environment!

Step 4 

If you decide you would like your child to join us at LIFE Daycare, the next step is to come in for a visit to complete the relevant paperwork. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to enjoy playing and settling into their new environment.

You may decide that you would like to arrange a home visit for our staff to come and visit yourself and your child at home in a more familiar environment. We’re happy to make that happen – it’s a good way for you and your child to get to know our staff.

Step 5

Next up, we’ll set up some ‘stay and play sessions! These are a perfect opportunity for your child to come for a longer visit to spend time with the team and see how they settle in their new environment.

Initially, you will stay with your child to see that they feel comfortable and safe at daycare. After this, they are welcome to stay for a 1 hour visit and then, later on, a 2 hour visit.

Step 6

Check out the daycare policies and procedures. 

Here at LIFE Daycare we believe preparation is the key to success, so we’ve taken time to write and then continually review policies and procedures that help maintain our daycare as a safe and welcome environment for you and your child. 

Whilst our team has the benefit of over 30 years of experience, we continually strive to build on that knowledge and understanding by keeping up-to-date with relevant training and legislation. 

Our policies include:

Step 7

The final step is to check out any extra steps that daycare has taken to make the process as easy and smooth as possible for you and your little one….

LIFE Daycare uses an award-winning management system called Connect Childcare together with an app called ParentZone. The app allows you to keep track and stay fully up-to-date with your child’s activities and achievements. 

Aside from our team giving you a recap of your child’s day when you collect them from LIFE Daycare, the ParentZone app gives you a weekly report from the teachers, a daily report of their meals and sleep and a first glance at special moments that we capture on camera and send straight through to you via the app. 

Nutrition, meals and healthy eating are also important for your child so here at LIFE Daycare we enjoy the carefully curated menu specifically designed by our experienced, on-site cook, Helen. We encourage Meat Free Mondays and our daycare is a nut-free nursery. Aside from all staff having Level 2 qualifications in Food Hygiene we have been awarded the highest possible grade by the Food Standards Agency and we’re proud to have been accredited the Gold Award for oral health hygiene.

Our Nursery is registered with Ofsted, which is the governing regulatory body and has been rated as Good. A quote from the inspector was that we are not just a ‘good’ nursery, we are a ‘Good’ Good nursery:

“Staff recognise the uniqueness of each child. They have a warm and caring approach towards the children. Babies and young children settle quickly when they arrive at the nursery. They develop secure attachments with staff and happily become involved in play.”