Food & Nutrition

Here at Life Daycare we aim to do everything we can to encourage strong and healthy bodies!

Throughout the day our children have access to healthy snacks and water. All our meals are freshly prepared by our experienced on-site cook Helen who uses fresh ingredients and delicious recipes.

 Helen loves seeing the children enjoying their food and always encourages them to actively take part in helping to create our menus.

 Mealtimes see the children often sitting with their Key Person who encourages them to develop the social and personal skills associated with dining, whilst snacks are prepared with the children, providing the chance for them to learn about food and healthy eating first hand.

 We always want to make sure our food is yummy, nutritious and packed with goodness!

We follow nutritional guidance to produce menus for all seasons and include styles of cooking to embrace the cultures of the families associated with our nurseries. Many child and parent suggestions are included in our menus, with a vegetarian option available at all meal and snack times. We cater for all special diets, working closely with parents to ensure we meet their child’s individual needs.

Our menus change often because we love to try fresh new food and recipes! We currently run our monthly menus on a seasonal rota.

Nutrition, Meals and Healthy Eating Policy

 Every Monday we encourage MEAT FREE MONDAYS!

 Meat Free Monday is a campaign which encourages people to skip meat for one day a week to improve their health and help the environment. It’s an easy, effective and tasty way for all of us to become more responsible global citizens. It’s about coming together as a school community to help the planet, but to also promote healthy food.

The truth is, we should all be eating a bit less meat, and joining the Meat Free Monday campaign is a simple way to start building new habits. Plus, we have some brilliant veggie recipes for our kids to get excited about!

 If you want to try some veggie recipes at home and go MEAT FREE one day a week, check out this link – MEAT FREE MONDAY RECIPES!


 We know how scary nut allergies can be in small children so we’re proud to say that LIFE Daycare is a NUT FREE nursery.


Life Daycare has been successfully accredited the GOLD AWARD for oral health hygiene. This is part of the Oral Health promotion project, provided by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. The project aims to train early years staff in supervised tooth brushing and knowledge around good oral health.

The nursery now has tooth brushing for our children an hour after lunch. They also sing the two minute long ‘toothbrush song’ to help the children time their brushing. You can sing along to the song at home too, here’s the link – Two Minute Toothbrush Song

A regular teeth-cleaning routine is essential for good dental health. Follow these tips and you can help keep your kids’ teeth decay-free.

 In recognition of our excellent food hygiene standard, LIFE Daycare have been awarded the best possible grading by the Food Standards Agency.

 All our staff are Level 2 qualified in Food Hygiene meaning every snack and meal are prepared safely with your child in mind!