Meet the Team

Meet the team!

We have an amazing team at LIFE Daycare, who are dedicated to ensuring your child has the best experience whilst in their care.

Each of them bring a unique perspective to give your child a well rounded experience.

Caroline Harris – Manager

Caroline is a qualified teacher, who brings with her over 15 years of early years teaching experience and 8 years in business. So we look forward to adding her skill set to our already strong team, and supporting her as she develops our LIFE Daycare vision and values. She is passionate about creating a nurturing environment where every child matters and everyone is valued. 


Helen Day – On-site Cook

Helen loves the children enjoying their food and always encourages them to take an active part I helping create our menus.

She loves to use fresh ingredients and delicious recipes to expand the children culinary experience.

Sarah Unwin – Deputy Manager

Sarah has been part of the LIFE Daycare team for 12 years working with the youngest to the eldest children. Sarah loves sensory play and believes some of the best experiences come from just getting messy, from paint to flour to mud nothing is off limits! She is passionate about creating a warm and family oriented environment where children feel safe and secure to explore and play.

Fi Sylvester РNursery Practitioner 

Fi is passionate about the children feeling CONFIDENT. It is important to her that the children have self confidence and that they feel good about themselves and what they have achieved. She strives to encourage the children to try new things and take risks to find out what they can do.