Our Vision

We believe that your child has a creative and resourceful ability to learn, discover and be independent. We’re committed to helping them discover their skills.

Children are happiest when they feel like they belong. We work hard to ensure all children feel safe and secure when they are in our care – LIFE Daycare is a ‘home from home’! And we haven’t forgotten about you! We consider parents as part of the LIFE Daycare family too, and commit to ensure you feel ownership over your child’s experience with us. We’ll involve you at every opportunity, creating fun, exciting activities and events that you won’t be able to resist!

Finally, at LIFE Daycare we’ll do all we can to ensure your child becomes all they’re created to be. We believe children are vessels of potential. Our role as nursery practitioners is to provide opportunities and resource the children to achieve all they are capable of. After all, today’s young bundles of fun are the leaders, teachers, carers and parents of the future!